Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More imposition through ignorance

More imposition through ignorance
By Kerry Walker 4/24/06

Can this really be happening? Last week, Governor Sonny Purdue signed a bill that will allow school systems in Georgia to offer elective classes on the Bible. This concerns me greatly, and I should think it would concern a whole bunch of people.

They say these classes are intended to be taught in an objective and non-devotional way, but the reality is that this is just another ploy by these twisted so-called Christians to indoctrinate students, and you can bet your bottom dollar, especially in the smaller towns, that this is exactly what will happen.

If there was no intent to impose this strange religion, why not offer a course that studied the world religions instead? Why just study the Western Bible when they should objectively study the Quran, the Vedas, and the other “Bibles” of the world?

I think learning about the many religions of our world would be far more beneficial. By teaching students about the many religions and the different cultures brought about through haritage we would equip them with the knowledge needed to eradicate the ignorance that creates so much wrong behavior and results in so many conflicts today.

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