Friday, July 25, 2008


Why are we ignoring great outdoors?

I got up a little after 5:00 this morning and I walked down to the streams on the property here near my cabin. As I shined a flashlight into the streams that have always been so full of life with a variety of minnows and several different sizes of crayfish, and a few frogs and an occasional salamander, I noticed things were starting to change. There were much fewer minnows and the number of crayfish swimming around on the bottom was down to one here and one there...and I was lucky to find these two. All because of the ignorance of people and because of two huge houses being built on this property with no concern for nature or for the people that already live here or come here to visit.

When the builder would not take action to fix all the many problems over the course of over eight months, and when the county would not take action, I called up the Environmental Protection Division and they sent out Amy Mundel and she took action and got things done! Both of these multi-million dollar houses where shut down until they meet the proper requirements! And now the multimillionaire owners of these houses, who own Neocom Solutions, and the county is trying to target me and bring me harm only because of my concern for the destruction of this paradise that is so near to my heart and that I have enjoyed since I was a little kid. This was also one of my father’s favorite places to enjoy the outdoors, and now they are trying to run me out like they already did one of my neighbors who were the first people to live on this property.

Why are we ignoring the great outdoors? Why have people become so indifferent to the importance of nature? Most people in this town just ignore the importance of preserving nature. Here in Canton, Georgia, the building department and their inspectors, the people in Planning and Zoning, those in Engineering and the people in Environmental Health, and those in the Marshal’s office, all don’t seem to care at all about the life in these spring fed streams. And because these people don’t care, when the lives of these creatures that make these streams alive are stamped out they won’t even miss them. When these live streams become dead, like all the other streams around our poorly managed developments, none of these people will ever give a hoot. We are destroying nature, and by destroying nature and our environment we are slowly destroying this marvelous earth.

There are so many other aspects of nature that should be preserved in this virtual paradise. This awesome place is located in a deep valley surrounded by rolling hills at the corner of the Etowah River and Lake Allatoona. It is literally like another world down in this valley and down the nature trails that wind through the steep rolling hills to the lake. Speaking of not giving a hoot, there are many owls that live in this area. One can hear them hooting everyday and every night and occasionally I will get to see one of these awesome creatures. In fact I can hear one now as I write this. One day they will have no place to live or they will not be able to survive the damage caused by the stupidity of these harmful development practices. There are also big and beautiful redheaded woodpeckers, and many other kinds of birds, not to mention the other wildlife that uses this land to survive. There are also many different varieties of butterflies and other cool insects that are in abundance in this area of natural beauty. Why don’t people care about all this?

This place is in many ways a kind of tropical rain forest. In fact it often rains here and no where else in the area. The clouds are often fed by the moister off the water that goes for many miles. Almost every morning there is moister in the air. This moister feeds the many thousands of Earleaf Magnolias and the many species of ferns that cover the grounds, some in thick beds of ferns by the hundreds and some are giant ferns, four or five feet tall. There are many hundreds of wild holly and wild azaleas, and the hills by the spring fed streams are covered with Mountain Laurel. Dogwoods proliferate here and there are so many other plants and flowers that grow in this area in abundance and in this area only.

Why do we continue to destroy the very nature that is dependent on our own long-term survival? We already can’t eat the fish out of most of the rivers and lakes in this country and even our great oceans are becoming polluted. Some of the great whales have cists on them because of our ignorance. There is not much time left for the oceans! Why?! Why are we doing this? It is so simple to use environmentally friendly developments and environmentally friendly landscaping, yet we don’t do it. Why? Is it because we have come to ignore our great outdoors?

I know how easy it is to do environmentally friendly construction and landscaping because I have a degree in Architectural Engineering and I have done it and I have shown how simple and cost effective it is to do.

Please. For your own sake and for the sake of those to come...Let's get outside and enjoy nature...and let's stop ignoring great outdoors.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baptist Church of Canton, GA

Baptist Church of Canton, GA
I went to the Baptist Church of Canton this morning just to see how the good ‘ol church was operating these days since I had not been in many years. This structure is a bran new multi-million-dollar church and it is huge! It was a very strange experience.
The sermon was about witnessing to others and how each person should witness to as many people as they can every day. It reminded me of being at a very large multi-level marketing meeting. The preacher said that it was mandated by God that each person should testify and share the message that Jesus Christ is the only way to HEAVEN and that the only other alternative for those that have not been “SAVED” is eternal damnation in the pits of FLAMES in HELL.
He talked about how each person should ask everyone they came in contact with, at work, at school, at the store, anywhere, and if they had not been saved you should witness to them. This sermon about how each person was commanded by God to witness to people every day went on for some 40 minutes. He said that each Jehovah's Witness is ordained to witness to 2000 people a year and that most Christians do not witness to anyone after they were SAVED. He went on to say how scripture makes it clear that if no one tells someone about Jesus Christ, how will they know?.. and they will be doomed to burn in hell fire forever because they were never told!(?)
It is amazing how Christians say that believing in Jesus Christ is “solid ground” and everything else is “sinking sand”. And, believe me, if you don’t believe as they do they will do what they can to put you into the sinking sand! Is it any wonder why so many people become Christian robots? And is it any wonder why this religion continues to grow along with the neurosis of society by using this multi-level marketing technique? My god, it's got one of the best marketing techniques in business! The many multi-level marketing companies in this country and in other parts of the world have demonstrated how fast a company can grow and how it will continue to grow, even though the product is not truthfully represented, or nothing more than a scam.
There is one thing very clear....if we are ever going to have peace and sanity on this earth, this bizarre and false religion has got to go, and all other religions must disperse as well. Only then will we stand a chance of moving away from the stupidity of tribalism sustained by the many false beliefs and into a truth based selfless intelligence.

Friday, July 04, 2008

There is no path to truth

There is no path to truth

If truth can set you free, where do we find it? We cannot find truth in society and its institutions, nor in organized religions and their dogmas, nor in any self-help guru or outside spiritual “authority”. The hope for truth and ultimate freedom can’t come from someone telling you what to do or believe; it can come only through your own creative self-understanding.