Monday, July 14, 2008

Baptist Church of Canton, GA

Baptist Church of Canton, GA
I went to the Baptist Church of Canton this morning just to see how the good ‘ol church was operating these days since I had not been in many years. This structure is a bran new multi-million-dollar church and it is huge! It was a very strange experience.
The sermon was about witnessing to others and how each person should witness to as many people as they can every day. It reminded me of being at a very large multi-level marketing meeting. The preacher said that it was mandated by God that each person should testify and share the message that Jesus Christ is the only way to HEAVEN and that the only other alternative for those that have not been “SAVED” is eternal damnation in the pits of FLAMES in HELL.
He talked about how each person should ask everyone they came in contact with, at work, at school, at the store, anywhere, and if they had not been saved you should witness to them. This sermon about how each person was commanded by God to witness to people every day went on for some 40 minutes. He said that each Jehovah's Witness is ordained to witness to 2000 people a year and that most Christians do not witness to anyone after they were SAVED. He went on to say how scripture makes it clear that if no one tells someone about Jesus Christ, how will they know?.. and they will be doomed to burn in hell fire forever because they were never told!(?)
It is amazing how Christians say that believing in Jesus Christ is “solid ground” and everything else is “sinking sand”. And, believe me, if you don’t believe as they do they will do what they can to put you into the sinking sand! Is it any wonder why so many people become Christian robots? And is it any wonder why this religion continues to grow along with the neurosis of society by using this multi-level marketing technique? My god, it's got one of the best marketing techniques in business! The many multi-level marketing companies in this country and in other parts of the world have demonstrated how fast a company can grow and how it will continue to grow, even though the product is not truthfully represented, or nothing more than a scam.
There is one thing very clear....if we are ever going to have peace and sanity on this earth, this bizarre and false religion has got to go, and all other religions must disperse as well. Only then will we stand a chance of moving away from the stupidity of tribalism sustained by the many false beliefs and into a truth based selfless intelligence.

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