Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow! That's heavy man...

Wow! That's heavy man...
Brad said:

"In reality, these seekers of power and control over others have no intention of altering their behavior."

http://www.geocities.com/b_r_a_d_99/triad.htm (This guy does some great work! You owe it to yourself to check it out!)

Kerry’s response:

I have come to understand that most of the politicians (and anyone in power) that "use" Christianity and the bible as a means to gain position and power, don't actually believe in it. They just have come to accept the sad reality that this is the ONLY means by which they can fulfill their goals (and in order have acceptance, power and money). This is what makes it such a travesty and a tragedy.

You would be amazed at the number of people that I have talked to over the years that react very differently when I put the question to them: "Are you a bible believing Christian? Cause I'm not. I emphatically reject all that crap." Then they often respond completely differently than if I had stopped with, "Are you a bible believing Christian?" People are conditioned to respond in the affirmative when asked this question. (Even the low class scum will answer with, "Yes, I'm a Christian".) But after they understand that I DON'T believe in it, they often respond very differently. In fact many come clean with the fact that they don't believe it either, or at least question it. I have had some luck getting “Christians” to doubt what they believe and a few have even given up the religion. I have also found some very intelligent people out there that feel much the same way I do. And some of those "on the fence" have come over to the side of intelligence once we have some good dialog.

The good news is that there are millions throughout the world that don't believe this crap, and they are either agnostic or atheist, and those who have no belief system at all. Then there are those that believe in God but they don't believe in religion. They are the "deists" and many of them have no concept of a "tangible God" or a "Being", like some big bearded man in the sky kind of thing. The agnostics and many of these people that are deists (of course most of them don't know what a deist is having never heard the word) are willing to look at the facts and are, for the most part, good people. If any of these people in this category believe that I am an "atheist" (in the true since of that word, i.e. don't believe in any form of energy, cosmic or otherwise) they will shut down and not listen. Also, many that think they "know" God or "truth" are very shaky about the word "agnostic" because to many of them it implies a state of confusion, rather than a state of wonder or a state of "not knowing".
That is why I have learned not to "label" myself by any category, because that may leave room for some dialog. Of course the truth is I'm not any of these descriptions, but there are still those that call me a deist or an agnostic (which does not bother me) and this is because they don't read all of my work...And this is understandable because much of my work is not available to anyone because it deals with stuff few would understand anyway (like quantum physics, quantum mathematics, dark energy and dark matter, and issues with evolution in its purest form (issues with natural selection and the fossil record) and many other complicated and complex matters (my work on The Problem with Conclusions is a good read).

In fact (and you may think I'm bunkers) I have come to see that it is possible that all this stuff that goes on in our universe and with this thing called life, and all the many living organisms with incredible design, could be the result of "cosmic energy". Now this sounds far out to most people, but it is very interesting to note that the chemical makeup of life is basically identical to the chemical makeup of our Sun and all the other Suns in our Universe. Also "scientists" are completely baffled by something called "dark matter" and "dark energy" in the universe. They just don't have a clue what it is and know nothing about it. But this "dark matter" and "dark energy" make up around 96% of the Universe! Wow! As bizarre as it may seem, the Universe may have some strange capabilities that we know nothing about and could be a catalyst for life and could even have effects on living organism.

I have studied "evolution" in depth and have communicated with the top paleontologist, and I can tell you for a fact that evolution has taken place on Earth. Also "natural selection" is at work in these processes. But there also seems to be some unknown force or energy at work as well. The simple fact is we are energy. All living things and non-living things are all energy. In my studies the best example that makes one question natural selection alone as the catalyst is the coded info in DNA and RNA and the design of the many bats with complex echolocation systems, as well as the many whales and dolphins that use these sophiticated biosonar systems. There is no explanation for how this came about by natural selection alone. From where would nature "select" this technology?
It is an interesting thing to think about, but if you consider the intelligence and the capabilities of our brain. This little speck of matter, that is practically nothing compared to the infinite Universe, and if we consider how well it can "think"! What is the possibility and the potential of the infinite universe?—Just something to wonder about.

As to science, I have found some interesting things in my studies about “scientist”. Some of it deals with simple deception to put forth a “theory” or to support a “theory” for the purpose of recognition and money. For example, when a paleontologist commits fraud and “plants” a skull that he made from a monkey to look like a “transitional species”, this is a problem. There are other examples of “science” being deceptive, like the fact that there is really no such thing as “mass”.

The fact is all “matter” is composed of microscopic components (electrons, neurons, photons and so on) and even a steel beam if zoomed in on by an electron microscope has “space” between these components that are held together by forces of energy. Everything is “energy”. Wow! That’s incredible! A scientist by the name of
Bruce Harvey has done great work on this (this guy is a genius) and has, for the most part, been ignored by the general scientific nerds (I’m sorry, I meant to say “community”). Bruce Harvey also has a consistent theory that explains the phenomena of Electromagnetism, Newtonian Mechanics and Gravity, yet it is not yet accepted by mainstream “science”. Also, the speed of light that has been determined to be “constant”, and which has been accepted as “fact”, has now been shown to (possibly) be variable and even slowing down (The bible thumpers are jumping all over this in a vain attempt to support the bible). It is interesting that my observations back in 1977 questioning Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the constant of the speed of light are now turning out to be (possibly) coming to light (pardon the pun). This theory has been supported by L. Riofrio, who is a babe in the Universe (if you can find a good picture of this babe it will be worth it) and other scientists and researchers. You can also find info on Relativity that questions this theory and David Bohm has done some interesting work on this.

Even though I have seen some truth to this “theory” that light is not constant and that it is slowing down, I still have some questions about it. One point to consider is the factors that affect the speed of light also act on the rulers and clocks used to make the measurements. It is like trying to measure the thermal expansion of a steel bar with a steel ruler. The point is that “facts” are always changing and sometimes “facts” are the result of inept research, coupled with the fallibility of the human mind. Many conclusions by science in the past century have caused a cumulative build up of errors.

People ask me what I have learned from all this and I say, "I've learned that I don't know". Of course I do know many things about the Universe and about the Earth, and I do know that religion is false. But this state of "not knowing" is the essence of intelligence. To live with a sense of wonder and always be ready to learn and to reject that which is false along the way.

Keep up the great work!


Wildman Walker's Harley

Wildman Walker's Harley

Get on my bad motorcycle and ride!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Effortless Skydive

The Effortless Skydive

We’re all in the plane and our seat belts are buckled and our helmets are secured and we are taking off in this fabulous wonder of the atmosphere. As we climb up, there is the beauty of the views below as we leave the world behind. We climb higher and higher and as I look out over the earth below I observe the lakes and mountains in the distance, with the puffy clouds like soft cotton hanging in the sky with the sun glistening down among them.

The joy of this can only be observed by a mind that is silent, a mind that is not full of itself and full of animosity toward anything or anyone. This is the true joy of a skydive--In this the mind is effortless in its observation and has a love and respect for the student that is making his or her way into the marvelous wonders of skydiving. To be full of psychological knowledge is a hindrance to this joy and it is this knowledge that prevents us from ever flying through the skies without a single movement of thought. There is absolute silence and a stillness in the mind, and in a strange way you are gone.

This does not mean that we no longer remember how to spot the plane, or how to perform any necessary emergency procedures, or how to fly, but an ending to thought in the sense of the psychological, and any effort to overcome this only adds flame to the fire. To try is to add oil to the repetitive mechanism, not to put an end to it. It is only when this effort ceases with all its anxiety that we come upon the beauty of effortless flight, and then we see how well we can fly.

We all know the ability to fly in a skydive depends upon our ability to relax. We see this in students and we see this in ourselves, especially when practicing different disciplines or working on ratings. How many people have been denied their AFF rating, only because they could not relax, and could not fly when under the pressure of a course director. This phenomenon is even more obvious when we get into freeflying, especially head-down and the transitions that go along with it.

The only way to come upon this freedom from effort is by not skydiving as an escape from anything. It is sad how many of us in this sport are escaping through drug or alcohol abuse, and then skydiving is just another drug, just another form of escape. Or skydiving may be our only escape, and then it is the opposite side of the same coin. Then the skydive only builds the self-centered character and creates another individual that is full of themselves and has little respect or love for anything or anyone.

I wish everyone could enjoy the awesome beauty of an effortless skydive!

Kerry Craig Walker

Close to Nature

Close to Nature

I just took a walk through the woods, over the arched bridges, and past the spring with its little waterfalls and on down the trail with all the trees in bloom with hundreds of Ear-leaf Magnolias and the many Wild Azaleas in blossom, and then off the trail where I had never been before. The Dog Woods where all in bloom and everything is coming alive. I walked along the lake and above the little cliffs with Mountain Laurel in abundance all along the top that will soon have their blankets of white blossoms.

It is so important to get out in nature and walk in the natural surroundings. Plus it is such good exercise to walk up and down the hills and through the woods and observe all the many wonders of nature. If everyone could get out in natural surroundings several times a week and look into what it means to get out of the self, there would be less violence and people would not be constantly trying to bring some kind of ill will to another.

The religious whole and un-fragmented mind has nothing to do with belief in religion. The capacity for goodness and love does not come from belief systems. This is the travesty of man.

The fact is that thought has created everything that man has made. This means that thought has created and invented the many religions of the world. This is a fact. It withstands any open-minded argument. This does not mean that the material things and many other things, such as surgery and better communications and so on, are not beneficial to man. They are. But if we all could understand that the mystery of creation is something outside of these man made inventions and these man made religions, then we would be aware of creation and go beyond our violence and hatred. Then there would be no separation of man from man. There would be no wars and our ambitions would not be destroying mankind and this marvelous earth.

I tell you that it is simple intelligence and common sense that sees that that which is behind all creation has nothing to do with politics and religion. We put our trust in these extraordinary politicians and these people that believe in religion in the name of fear, and we put the destruction of all mankind in their hands. I can tell you that religion is man made and therefore it is false. No “one” religion is going to rule the world. Don’t you see that your particular religion is merely a product of your conditioning and nothing more? The Islam’s, the Christian’s, they are all in the same boat. President Bush wants everyone to believe in his religion and in that there is the destruction of others and eventually planet earth.

I was born and raised in Georgia. I’m just a country boy, and a simple man. But I do not believe in this imposition of religion that is going to destroy us all…And in some strange belief that in itself justifies and predicts this destruction!

We must die while living to all these beliefs and free ourselves from the stranglehold of religion, and die to all of our greed and dishonesty. This is the only way to live a simple life that has no motive and no ambition, which are both the enemy of the good. This is the only way to a love and understanding that will bring about a change in our culture. This freedom of the spirit is the only true religion and it is only this spiritual attitude that will change us in our hearts.

Kerry C. Walker
April 9, 2006