Sunday, July 29, 2007

Close to Nature

Close to Nature

I just took a walk through the woods, over the arched bridges, and past the spring with its little waterfalls and on down the trail with all the trees in bloom with hundreds of Ear-leaf Magnolias and the many Wild Azaleas in blossom, and then off the trail where I had never been before. The Dog Woods where all in bloom and everything is coming alive. I walked along the lake and above the little cliffs with Mountain Laurel in abundance all along the top that will soon have their blankets of white blossoms.

It is so important to get out in nature and walk in the natural surroundings. Plus it is such good exercise to walk up and down the hills and through the woods and observe all the many wonders of nature. If everyone could get out in natural surroundings several times a week and look into what it means to get out of the self, there would be less violence and people would not be constantly trying to bring some kind of ill will to another.

The religious whole and un-fragmented mind has nothing to do with belief in religion. The capacity for goodness and love does not come from belief systems. This is the travesty of man.

The fact is that thought has created everything that man has made. This means that thought has created and invented the many religions of the world. This is a fact. It withstands any open-minded argument. This does not mean that the material things and many other things, such as surgery and better communications and so on, are not beneficial to man. They are. But if we all could understand that the mystery of creation is something outside of these man made inventions and these man made religions, then we would be aware of creation and go beyond our violence and hatred. Then there would be no separation of man from man. There would be no wars and our ambitions would not be destroying mankind and this marvelous earth.

I tell you that it is simple intelligence and common sense that sees that that which is behind all creation has nothing to do with politics and religion. We put our trust in these extraordinary politicians and these people that believe in religion in the name of fear, and we put the destruction of all mankind in their hands. I can tell you that religion is man made and therefore it is false. No “one” religion is going to rule the world. Don’t you see that your particular religion is merely a product of your conditioning and nothing more? The Islam’s, the Christian’s, they are all in the same boat. President Bush wants everyone to believe in his religion and in that there is the destruction of others and eventually planet earth.

I was born and raised in Georgia. I’m just a country boy, and a simple man. But I do not believe in this imposition of religion that is going to destroy us all…And in some strange belief that in itself justifies and predicts this destruction!

We must die while living to all these beliefs and free ourselves from the stranglehold of religion, and die to all of our greed and dishonesty. This is the only way to live a simple life that has no motive and no ambition, which are both the enemy of the good. This is the only way to a love and understanding that will bring about a change in our culture. This freedom of the spirit is the only true religion and it is only this spiritual attitude that will change us in our hearts.

Kerry C. Walker
April 9, 2006

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