Sunday, May 07, 2006

I saw Jesus!

I saw Jesus!

By Kerry Walker

I hope I can get you to be serious for just a moment while reading this, because this demands that we not be superficial or take this lightly in any way. It’s far too important for that.

I was going to Kroger here in Canton, down by exit 14, and I went from my place and I turned on to Travis Tritt Road to go in the back way and for some reason I turned into the modern day cemetery, or 'Memorial Park' as they're now called, just across the street from the grocery store. I parked my truck and I started walking around and wondering about all these people that were buried there and I began to wonder where they were now. Thinking about Jesus, I looked up towards the sky and I found myself looking at these high voltage and high-tension power lines that went through the middle of the cemetery. As I was observing them I could hear the humming sound of their enormous power that ran through the many steel cables that ran between the massive steel structures to support them. Then I had thoughts about the power that was escaping from those lines and how an article I had read talked about the harmful effects of getting too close to them and also I thought about the story about how this guy had run his own steel cables a few feet under some high-tension lines like these and he was able to run his entire house from the escaping electricity that he was able to capture from them.

About that time a powerful sensation came over me and I looked up and there was something coming down from out of the clouds. Now, being a skydiver and an instructor, I thought at first that this object was someone in freefall and then I suddenly realized that this was in fact a person and this person needed to open their parachute or this was going to be another fatality. My heart started pounding as I realized that this individual was not going to deploy a parachute and that the impact was going to be right in front of me! Then suddenly the fall rate began to slow and as my heart pounded harder and faster I watched as it appeared that the individual was beginning to actually fly, or I guess ‘float’ would be a better word for it.

My heart was pounding that much harder and racing like it never had before and I didn’t know what to make of this bizarre event that was happening to me. I’m a person of the most incredible perception of reality, and this was just so amazing to me. I then realized as the figure floated down to the level near the high-tension power lines that there was a strange glow of energy around this figure, much like a halo around it, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks that this was Jesus!

My heart pounded harder and harder as this awe-inspiring event was unfolding before my very eyes. I had always doubted the orthodox descriptions and the biblical accounts of Jesus, but here it was all coming to light right in front of me, standing in this cemetery, underneath the high-tension power lines, right here in Canton, Georgia. As this person got closer and floated just above me, I could see that it was a man and there was this glow clearly radiating from him, and I just knew this was Him. Then all of a sudden, what appeared to be Jesus came within several feet of one of the high-tension power lines and it appeared to zap Him with an electrical shock instantly causing a loud popping sound and a puff of smoke came from Him, and then He appeared to go limp and He fell rapidly to the ground. He impacted the ground in the green grass near one of the gravesites only a few feet in front of me.

My heart was just pounding. I ran over to Him and looked at Him. But then I realized that this man did not look like any of the pictures or the stain glass portrayals of Jesus that I had ever seen. He actually looked middle-eastern, or to be blunt, He looked like one of the terrorist and for a moment or two I thought that He might be one. But then I remembered where Jesus had lived and that in fact He would have looked like a middle easterner because He was born and lived there.

All these thoughts were rapidly running through my mind and my heart was pounding so loud that I could hear it in my ears. Here was what appeared to be Jesus lying there on the ground, and He appeared to be dead! “What was I to do?”, I thought. Then I tried to find a pulse, but He had none! I thought about giving him CPR as I’m trained and well versed in it, but I thought I should call 911 first and get help on the way. But then a terrible fear came over me. If I called 911 the Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputies would get involved and I had not had very good luck with them lately, in fact they had committed terrible atrocities against me in the name of Christianity, so I thought better of it.

I checked again for a pulse, but still no luck. Then suddenly it dawned on me that if this was Jesus, the Son of God, He could not die, and if the biblical accounts were true, He rose from the dead once before anyway.

I was going nuts, and I just didn’t know what to do. I started praying and asking Jesus what I should do, but then I realized that Jesus was lying on the ground in front of me, dead! How was He going to help me?!

As I continued checking His pulse, I was contemplating what I should do. I thought, “Why should I do anything. This is Jesus, the Son of God and maker of all things, why should I have to do anything?” And then I thought again about how He should not die and that He would rise any moment now and come back to life. But then I thought of how it could take three days!—And then it happened! He began to move and then He jumped up and said, “What’s happening man?” and before I could collect myself and give Him an answer He began to float up and He ascended back through the clouds and out of my sight. Thank God this time He stayed away from those high voltage power lines!

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Andrew said...

Hey Kerry! Maybe one of these days you will meet Jesus. I know you've read your Bible, even though you might not believe it. Look up Acts 9:3-6.