Monday, April 10, 2006

The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

In having come to an awareness of absolute reality it is odd to see how those that call themselves “Christians” and that believe in the bible and all kinds of bizarre nonsense, such as Jesus Christ, are the very people that are perpetuating this bizarre and unjust legal system.

Then the people that are fighting the injustice in their on little world by fighting their own specific self-centered battle, are, for the most part, “Christians” and they possess the conditioning of beliefs that we are all “sinners” and that “the end of time is near” because there are earthquakes and this or that nonsense, and on and on. These people think they are doing something for someone by doing nothing more than praying for them. Pray for a starving child to get food, and nothing more, the child will starve to death. Give the child food and the child will may live. Pray for a person rolling a heavy bolder up a steep hill that continues to get steeper and steeper, and the bolder may roll back and crush the individual, but if everyone pitched in and helped to push the bolder up the hill, then the bolder will not crush the individual.

There are all of these people that don’t want anything to do with this bizarre system and that justify the actions from it are also “Christians” and live in their little shell of illusion with the “anti Christ” and “Satan” nonsense and all the rest of it.

Being a man that has died to self and come to this absolute goodness with its clarity of observation, it is very bizarre to listen to these people ramble on in their utter confusion and ignorance. If only they could understand what little twits they are in this world where there is a direct observation and the observer is not separate from the observed. This is the only means to being integrally intelligent, an intelligence that has surpassed the beliefs of these little minds, minds rooted in conditioning and programmed to say this and quote that, by hundreds or possibly thousands of years.

Kerry Walker
October 22, 2005

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