Monday, April 10, 2006


By Kerry Walker

When we look at the religions of the world, it seems a bit odd that we continue to believe in these belief systems. There are several different religions and there are several so-called Holy Scriptures on this planet. The simple fact is that there is no way that all of these “bibles” with their many religions can be right.

When dealing with this subject, we must first deal with the fact and the reality of conditioning. The mind is likened to a computer in that it can be programmed or conditioned to believe a certain way. The difficulty lies in observing this conditioning and being capable of looking without this conditioning. This is simply an ability to look with an open mind.

First of all let me point out that I’m not denying this energy behind creation, nor am I denying the existence of a man called Jesus. What I am doing is looking into what thought has created and interpreted in the hands of man.

When we look at the western bible or the Christian bible, we start with a story of creation, called Genesis, and in this story god created the beast of the field, all the birds, and all the stars. It also states that when god created each of these things, he saw that they were good, which means if they were not good he could have simple tried again. This god supposedly has infinite power and his power never diminishes, and then this god creates man out of the dust of the soil. He then takes a rib out of man and creates women. This god has both of these beings placed in the Garden of Eden, and this god tells them that they shall eat of every tree in this garden, but that they shall not eat from the tree of good and evil. Now, we must consider the fact that god had created man out of his own image, and that, at this point, man knew not good and evil. Therefore neither one of them, Adam or Eve, would have known deceit. So when this talking snake came out and told Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge and she would be as Gods, and know good and evil, she would simply have not known not to believe him. She knew not deceit. So she ate of the fruit and she gave unto Adam, and he did eat, and for this god condemns his creation. Why didn’t god just start over and try again.

Then we have this story of a woman that was married at the time, yet she was a virgin, and this virgin was overshadowed by the shadow of god and impregnated with his sperm. This woman has a child, although she was a virgin, and this child is believed to be God’s son. Then we believe that this one man was sent by this infinite God to save the world from God’s original blunder of creation. If I look at this with an open mind and without any fear whatsoever, I think I would have to be a little odd and a little stupid to buy into it. This fact is I am 100% sure that this story is not true, and that it is an invention of thought, just like Casper the friendly ghost and Peter Pan, yet this world operates to a large extent based on this belief system. Some 86% of Americans claim to believe in this nonsense.

When considering all this we must also consider the fact that we have the highest rates of homicide, child molestation, violent and non-violent crimes, domestic violence, rapes, drug abuse and alcohol abuse, suicide, corruption, and a terrible judicial system, with a circus for a political system. We have this belief that we go to heaven and that thought continues to operate there in a virtual paradise with all of our loved ones joined together and doing things together. Yet we have this strange practice of putting humans in cages for long periods of time in some of the most unhealthy and unproductive environments imaginable. Do you really believe this? I wonder if those guys would have flown those planes into the Twin Towers had they not had this belief of heaven or paradise. Most people do not know what to believe, they just want their child to go to heaven.

The fact is I question and I am convinced that thought does not continue when we die. This does not mean that there is no energy that continues, only that thought does not continue. In other words your loved ones and all your ancestors for thousands of years are not looking down on you. You may say that this is a rather cynical way to see this, but reality is not cynical. The “what is” is the most sacred thing. If we realized that this was life and that there was nothing else to continue as thought, then life here would be even more sacred and important. I would love you because you are a human being, and not because of some stupid belief system. All beliefs are based on separation and conflict, though they may preach brotherhood. There have been some ten thousand wars in the name of Christianity, and the insanity has not ended yet.

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