Friday, September 14, 2007

Wyn's log cabin 3

This is a picture of the 7 x 10 ft camper my brother lived in (on left side of pic) on his 5 acre track of land. This is also a picture of the tent that I stayed in for three months of the eight months I stayed on the mountain while building the log cabin. The little log cabin is back behind the red truck. On one very stormy night I hi-tailed it into the safer loft of the log cabin and remained there for five more months until completion.

This was not a kit and the logs had to be cut to length and notched in order to fit together. I custom made all the trim out of the pine that my brother bought and I also hand made the treads and the landing for the spiral staircase. We also installed the metal roof and the 3 inch insulation that went under it. That was a ton of fun because we put in more screws than Carter has liver pills!

My brother is disabled and he worked hard to help me get the job done. He rents out the cabin now and then in order to make ends meet and you can find this info and the final pictures by clicking here…
Log Cabin in the Clouds

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