Saturday, September 22, 2007


These are two favorites of mine. The blue heron and the turtle. When I was building my families custom home that I designed and built from the ground up, in this vertual paradise by the Etowah River and Lake Allatoona, I often thought of how the turtle would keep going and eventually get there. I once spent several hours watching a blue heron patiently wait for a fish, then catching one by remarkably spearing it with his beak, then instantly slinging it up in the air and catching it in his mouth. Niether the turtle or the blue heron pray to god to do what they do....They simply live and do what they are desinged to do. The sacredness of life cannot be brought into focus through any religion or any god that man has made. Beliefs and disbeliefs are oposite sides of the same coin. Continuous acts of goodness and love do not come from belief or disbelief, but through a self understanding that comes upon the illusions and evil of self. Love is never deceptive and manipulative and love has no motive.

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