Saturday, September 22, 2007

Violent Crimes Unit?!!!

Barbara Jacoby, with The Cherokee Tribune calls "911" because I shot a video of an interview with a reporter that was supposed to investigate my case. This case got dropped at the demands of the Editor in Chief, Barbara Jacoby, who called me a liar by saying that my story was not true. Then they sent the "Major Crimes Division" out to tell me not to go back on their property or send any threatening emails. But no threatening emails were ever sent!! Wow! How often does the media go on private property to do video interviews? I didn't know this was illegal in this country, did you? But committing felony crimes against a citizen in order to manufacture his guilt is not illegal. It's also not illegal for a judge to ignore felony tampering with evidence and to completely forget about the law, due process, my rights, and the Code of Conduct and ethical standards required of him.

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