Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Lincoln Bible Hoax

The Lincoln Bible Hoax
By Kerry Craig Walker

The headline reads, “Obama to take oath of office on historic Lincoln Bible” and what a hoax it is! The fact is President Lincoln did not have a personal bible at the time, because his was packed away in a box somewhere. The other interesting true historical facts about Lincoln is that he did not believe in the bible and often made derogatory comments about it.

The president elect, Obama, will be taking the oath of office using the “historic Lincoln Bible”, which actually wasn’t even Lincoln’s bible. The burgundy velvet-bound volume known as the Lincoln Bible was purchased in 1861 by then Supreme Court Clerk William Thomas Carroll for use in Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, because Lincoln could not put his hands on his.

An even more interesting twist to actual facts in history is the story that Lincoln’s personal bible was not used because it was packed away and en route from Illinois to Washington. This was the other hoax perpetrated at an earlier time in history and they have kept to this story ever since…much in the same way that Lincoln was represented in the papers at the time as a bible believing, Church going Christian. Yet, those that were close to Lincoln knew the truth of how he often made jokes about the bible and those that believed in it.

It gets more interesting when you learn the fact that the man who assassinated Lincoln was a “Bible believing Christian” and the man who shot Lincoln’s assassin when he was on the run was also a “Bible believing Christian” and a known nutcase who, now get this, castrated himself in his attempts to be pure and to please his Christian god.

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