Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What is meant by "Intelligence"

What is meant by “Intelligence”?

A prerequisite for this book is to understand what we are looking to get at when we use the word “intelligence”. We are not talking about an intelligence based on knowledge alone, or the accumulation of knowledge to pass certain exams and to become a PhD and so on. (Not that there is any wrong with having a PhD or any specialized degree, or knowledge in most forms, so don’t jump to that conclusion.) We will learn by doubting and it is by doubting that we will discover what is true and this doubt will bind us together, but we should doubt with an open and inquisitive mind.

It is the object of this book to enable the reader to find out who he/she is, and to come upon self-understanding. To get the reader to consider whether or not it is possible for there to be an intelligence, which is not necessarily your intelligence or my intelligence, but an intelligence that operates when we understand ourselves completely and go beyond the content we call knowledge, and therefore self.

The basis of this is an observation, which goes beyond the confines of the psychological knowledge within your brain, and the psychological contents of my brain. Thereby going beyond this fixed knowledge and conditioning, and observing what actually is. The observer may come to realize that the psychological content of man, of the brain, are often illusions, and not reality—illusions to be projected, protected, hurt, and all the rest. Reality exists outside of this content, and in pure observation. Then the observer is not separate from the observed. This is the only way that we can look into what is true and what is false without our own opinions, prejudices, conclusions, conditioning, and so on, getting in the way. I think you’ll find that beyond this content is an intelligence that operates naturally and, for the most part, effortlessly, without the constant function of will.

I state this as a fact and that it is the only hope for man. Then each one of us will have minds with a natural order connected to the natural order of the cosmos, and we will see that everything is interconnected. This does not mean that we see everything and do everything the same, only that there is no conflict in this dialogue of open minds that recognizes the fallibility of man, and questions everything.

Each one of us should see that our conscience is not separate from the conscience of the rest of humanity and there is universal intelligence.

Please note: This is an excerpt from the work that is the culmination of 30 years….if you would like a copy of “THE DAWN OF INTELLIGENCE” please email me at kerrycw1@gmail.com and I will send you a free copy.

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