Sunday, March 23, 2008

The truth about religion and this thing called FAITH

The truth about religion and this thing called FAITH

As published in the Cherokee LEDGER-NEWS (except they edited it to leave out the last paragraph)

Dear Editor,
I’ve been reading a great deal in this paper about Jesus Christ and the “truth of the Bible” lately. Having spent the past 30 years studying this subject, and going beyond “self” in doing it, I have come upon the truth. Having read the Bible four times and having done detailed studies of it, and its 6 translations, I have come upon the absolute truth—This is a very wretched book and nothing more than a grim fairy tale.

The truth: Thought has created and invented all the religions throughout the world.

It’s difficult for most people to see this truth and even more difficult for them to grasp it, because in order to come upon truth, one must first realize that we are programmed biologically and psychologically, and this conditioning makes it almost impossible to come upon that which is true beyond all human projections. Putting aside our heritage and our conditioned or programmed brains is the most difficult of all things to do. That’s why it is typical to go around the world and find that the beliefs of a specific culture are the ones that the people of that culture have come to hold on to at any cost.

The truth is FACTS and FAITH are not only at odds with each other, when it comes to religion they have no relationship at all.

In my studies, there seems to be a natural energy of this universe, but it does not demand our worship and it can only be come upon when the human brain has freed itself from all the man made religions of the world and goes beyond the conditioned self and comes to this effortless and natural state of goodness and love. There is nothing wrong with having faith in something because we understand it, but this faith in illusions of thought are, and always have been, ridiculous.

This is the only real truth and it is the only hope for mankind. Search “kerry walker story” and find out what “Christians” in this town have done to my family and me, and be sure to go to “Articles” and learn the complex truth about our country and our existence.

Kerry Craig Walker
Chattanooga, Tennessee/Canton, Georgia

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