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As I write this one’s mind is focused on this unknown energy behind creation, with its evolutionary processes. I think it’s important to start by being in a state of not knowing and to remain in this empty state, being no-thing. This is the only way to be open-minded and to learn, as well as to keep this sense of wonder. Therefore, I am not saying that I know it all, because really I know nothing, but I will share with you what I have learned.

Having been involved with looking into this thing called “evolution”, and the energy behind living things off and on for over a quarter of a century, and having communicated with and studied some of the experts on the subject, such as Richard Leakey and Stephen Gould, and having spent countless hours studying paleontology and the fossil record, I can tell you that the evolutionary processes (or changes over time) are observational facts. Although I question some of the conclusions of science and the so-called experts on evolution and on conclusions on the fossil record, and their purely limited aspects of natural selection---the simple fact is that these processes themselves, with their mutations as they occurred along the way, is still reality and the “what is”.

On the other hand, one of the prerequisites to becoming a paleontologist (someone who becomes an expert in the study of the fossil record) is to not consider any outside energy when dealing with this subject. This is obviously a closed minded approach. Although this energy is not namable, its existence in the realm of creation and design is obvious. There are too many examples to count that have such intricate design characteristics that an outside energy had to contribute to its existence. There is no reason for an insect that has wings that look just like a leaf of a tree to end up with this as a design based on natural selection alone. And then for this creature to have the capability of perfect aerodynamic flight with these wings is well beyond the result of natural selection left to itself.

Take a creature that can not only change its color to mimic the colors that it rest on, but that can also change its skin to match the texture of these objects. This design is also beyond the scope of natural selection alone.

Consider the echolocation system used by bats and the biosonar used by whales and dolphins. There is no reason for the processes of natural selection alone to have brought about this ability. Where would nature have selected such technology?

Having spent a great deal of my time over the past years looking into origins of religions, histories of religions, and all aspects of religion, the best explanation to all of this has nothing to do with religion. In fact, it is not even a “supernatural process”, and is in fact a natural process.

The best explanation to this sense of wonder is the observation that this energy behind this process is the infinite cosmos and the energy within this cosmos. When we consider the ability that this little speck of matter called the brain has and its ability to function and to think---what about the infinite cosmos and the energy in it, and its ability to function?! This would explain why this energy is not the tangible god of the many religions and why it does not have direct communication with us as the religions claim. This does not mean that we cannot absolve ourselves for this energy to relate to us, but certainly not on the verbal level, or any direct vocal level of communication. If the energy behind creation could relate to humans on this level, it would simply speak to us and let us know of its existence or it would let us know by some form of communication or action. This energy is simply not capable of this type of relationship or action.

This observation that the cosmos is the energy behind creation and life itself solves all the nonsensical views of all the religions. This also solves the problem of “if there is a maker, then who made the maker?” The infinite cosmos has always been, and there is no need for a maker. Some refer to this energy as the Creative Intelligence; the Indians called it the Great Spirit; some say Higher Power, and others call it God---The name is not the thing. The difficulty lies in breaking through the conditioning on both sides of the issue.

Has thought invented God? I can tell you with absolute certainty that the religious views on this subject are absolute nonsense and that thought has created and invented all of these gods, just as I can tell you that some of the conclusions by science are absolute nonsense.

Start by knowing nothing and remaining nothing and you can come upon the moving truth, as long as you continue to be nothing and live a very simple life. This does not mean that you don’t retain the knowledge that you have accumulated. In fact you will retain it better and there will be no decay of the mind before death.

Being simple does not mean being mediocre; in fact a simple life can be a very exiting life, because it is a life based on reality and truth.

It is only in dying while living that we come to realize that we are nothing, and this brings about the only true wisdom. There is nothing more sacred than the “what is”.

Kerry Walker
written some time ago…

Supernova! (clicky for awesome before and after picture)

For the first time, modern scientist had the opportunity to observe close up, by astronomical standards, natures most spectacular display. They could train sophisticated instruments on an exploding star and analyze in detail a phenomenon fundamental to the structure of the universe and indeed life itself. An overstatement? Hardly. The stupendous processes that lead to and occur during a supernova are responsible for the production of most of the elements in the universe. These elements are hurled into the cosmos by the force of the supernova blast to form great clouds of gas and dust and starting the formation of new stars and planets. Thus the planets and any life that evolves on them consist of elements forged in supernovas. Furthurmore, these stellar explosions generate energetic partricles, known as cosmic rays, that can cause mutations in terrestrial organisms and may have played a direct role in the evolution of life on earth. In a very literal sense, says University of Illinois Astrophysicist Larry Smarr, "we" are the grandchildren of supernovas.

Supernova! Time, Vol. 120, No. 12 (March 23, 1987), pp. 60-61

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