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Georgia is a Police State-America is a Police Nation

Georgia is a Police State-America is a Police Nation

By Kerry Walker

It is very difficult to believe that I was arrested over four years ago, over a week after having the crap beat out of me by a violent, unbalanced, and controlling nutcase and after being put through the purest form of physical and psychological torment, virtually all night long. But this is the America I have come to know.

I have fought a relentless battle for my innocents and I have put together a defense that could not be beat, with witnesses on top of witnesses, and documented evidence upon documented evidence. Had I put all of my faith into the hands of attorneys alone and in the process of our so-called justice system, I would most likely be sitting in a prison cell wondering how this could happen to an innocent man—a man that was in fact the VICTIM of this violent unbalanced female and not the perpetrator.

I have never gone to trial, after my first trial was interrupted before seating a jury by the fact that evidence that was the crux of my defense had been altered to eliminate this thick layer of dust on the shaft of this crossbow that was definitive proof that it had not been cocked or loaded as this woman claimed. This woman alleged that, for no reason at all, I just walked into my bedroom with a smile on my face and picked up a crossbow and cocked it, loaded it, and pointed it at her.

But Judge Sumner made light of the fact that this evidence had been altered and stated it “was a broad stroke to paint” to insinuate that an Officer of the State would alter this evidence. But because of this evidence being altered, my trial on November 19, 2002 ended before it got started and, by my decision not to go forward, my attorney of record, Jeff Rusbridge, became a witness in my case.

Why would a judge make light of such critical evidence being altered, especially when an expert witness, Wade Pittman, from W. D. Archery in Carterville, Georgia, could testify to the fact of the condition of this evidence and to this being proof beyond a mathematical certainty that this crossbow was not cocked or loaded as this woman claimed, and my attorney of record had also witnessed the condition of this evidence along with this expert witness a short time after this alleged incident had occurred? On top of this, the State had been notified to preserve this evidence after the now former detective Peavy had ignored my pleas to consider this critical fact about the condition of this evidence that was proof of my innocents when this evidence was collected by the State. Because of this detectives dishonesty my bogus charge of Simple Assault was upgraded by a Grand Jury to Aggravated Assault, a felony. And on top of all this, this now former detective Peavy had ignored all the evidence at the scene that pointed to my innocents and, on top of that, he never interviewed the only witness at the scene as well as to ignore the reality that this woman had contradicted every statement in her Police Report, (that was not filed until several days after the alleged incident), by her very statements in her interview with Peavy just before my arrest. Yet I was still arrested!?

Then on the day of my arrest and my subsequent bond being posted by a friend, I was able to talk to this woman on the phone and get critical statements that proved that she was both violent and a liar. But Peavy not only ignored this information, but he had the transcript doctored to end with me saying “Bye” just before this information by the alleged victim was given that contradicted her story and then Peavy made sure that the tape would never be found. But I had recorded the other end of the conversation and had proof of his criminal behavior and Obstruction of Justice. And on top of this I had recorded a conversation with Peavy that same day where he stated the very pretense to his motive for this behavior when he said that the truth “don’t concern him one way or the other.” He made it very clear in this recorded conversation that he was not concerned that he had ruined my life with this false arrest and that he was the type of dishonest personality that would do what ever it took to manufacture the guilt of an innocent man—a man that was in truth the VICTIM of this controlling, violent and demented woman’s behavior and not the perpetrator of violence of any kind.

But what does it mean for an Officer of the State to commit such crimes against a law abiding citizen that had turned his life around nearly nine years before this incident and now nearly fourteen years ago? Absolutely nothing! A citizen’s complaint about crimes committed by an Officer of the State means absolutely nothing to the authorities, and, believe it or not, this is the law.

I have written to many representatives and senators, and congressmen—all the way up to the Vice President and President. Rep. Byrd lied to me about having my case investigated and I can prove this by our taped conversations and emails, and her husband Mike Byrd, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, never even responded to my Certified Mail asking for an outside investigation, yet this town violates the integrity of our Founding Fathers and our Constitution and post the Ten Commandments, with reference to the Christian Bible, in our courthouse.

Derick Corbett, from John Linder’s office, was the only one that inquired about my case and that did anything to try to help me.

Incident Reports filed by me have always left out critical information that I stated to the responding officers and my attempts to file Supplemental Reports were met with refusal and even the threat of arrest. The Secret Fraternity and the Code of Silence brings about a band of thieves that answer to each other before they answer to this energy behind all Creation, which is God. I filed a report on Peavy’s actions and this report did not even contain his name and a Supplemental Report that I attempted to file six months later was again refused and then the report filed by Corporal Sims contained false information and outright lies, and I have absolute proof of this by means of a recording device used in plain view of this dishonest officer.

I have reported Peavy’s actions and the details of the facts to Captain Edward Lacey of Internal Affairs. I have written to Sheriff Roger Garrison, with no response received. I have asked the District Attorney, Garry Moss, twice to investigate Peavy’s actions and then to have an outside investigation done and he never responded to my letters. I have asked the Attorney General’s office to investigate Peavy’s actions. I have asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate Peavy’s actions. I have written Governor Perdue several times and talked with Governor Perdue and the Special Assistant to the Governor, Ben Fry, in person about his actions. And even though Governor Perdue sent a letter to me and to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation asking them to “review” my case and report directly to me, this means absolutely nothing, unless Governor Perdue ask them specifically to “investigate” my case, and this he apparently will not do. So in simple terms, the Governor and Mr. Fry played me for a fool.

I have been given back the evidence collected by the State in my case and I have been told that my indictment is being dismissed. Of course the “Chain of Custody” of this evidence has conveniently been doctored to leave a blank in the “Received By” space on November 14, 2002 and just before my trail on November 19, 2002. This break in the “Chain of Custody” makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to determine in hearings who altered this evidence before it was brought to my trial. I was told by two attorneys and by Holly, the assistant to the prosecution in my case, that my case was being dismissed and then after attempting to talk with the prosecution, Wally Rogers, about leaving the State of Georgia in order to work in Florida as an Instructor with the United States Parachute Association, and apparently because I took some pictures, with permission, of the Ten Commandments being displayed in our courthouse, I’ve now been told by Holly, (which contradicts her recorded statements to me beforehand that my charges were being dismissed and that she had prepared the order herself and that it was with Judge Harris waiting for his signature), that my charges are still under consideration and the order is still with the Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Rogers.

This low class and unbalanced woman has tormented me and this crooked cop has tormented me with the help of his buddies with a badge and these big egos to go along with it, and now I’m being tormented by the District Attorney’s office by means of Wally Rogers, and they just keep on playing games with me. I think this is pure and simple harassment and further displays the malicious and biased attitude, with extreme prejudice, of the prosecution and the District Attorney’s office towards me.

I have never thought about this state where I was born and raised in the light that I do
now, and I have come to the truth and the reality of how politically demented this country that I thought was so great really is. When we go beyond ourselves and observe with the truth of discontented eyes and listen with the truth of discontented ears, we can’t help but see the sad reality of a Police State and a Police Nation, and the reality that, as a citizen, or as an individual, I am no more important than the proverbial slug in the garden or that insect that sucks their blood.

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